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‘How dare these people use my religion to terrorise young girls!’

January 29, 2009 4 comments

The Looming Horror!

Walking in to the office early in the morning I watch in horror the headline glaring at me, a small background on the same, members from a obscure and useless organization called sri ram sena raided a Pub or a club called amnesia in Mangalore and terrorized every one there specially the girls claiming that the women were indulging in ‘immoral activities’ opposed to Hindu culture.

For heavens sake, do there imbeciles even understand the concept of either Hinduism or culture. What right do they have to dictate morals when these uncouth mongrels are nothing more than uncultured brutes working as mercenaries for another set of imbeciles called the politicians of the country?

What is funny is the process of  taking the name of a god and creating a dal is similar to our political system which creates parties based on the leader rather than ideologies. Bajrang Dal, Ram sena, shiv Sena and may be some one yet to come we have quite a few gods in our faith. Vishnu dal, indr bal, mata ka putr, ganesh sena etal. Even more funny is we are going to elect them to power and suffer indiscriminately.  

We Indians look at atrocities of fanatics across the world specially the Muslim world and feel safe that, the same is not going to happen here because Hinduism does not preach violence… Though there were always stray and sporadic incidents, but in the last few years we have been competing with Taliban and Al-Qaeda to create the new India. But this talibanisation of my country and my culture is unacceptable to me. I wish we can cut this cannibalistic weed at it bud before it becomes a creeper and creeps my country

 While I am sure this is a vent of my frustration on a popular blog I am deeply disturbed and fell really sad


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New Life

January 12, 2009 9 comments

New life

Psychedelic colors, Mint cooled air

Life, just, true and fair

Soft the zephyr blows, Dream a dream,

Basking on the banks, the nimble stream.

The auster sky, apposite maquillage

Calm hesternal excitement, thrills of yester age

Oasis of nugacity but that was yestereen

Now I lie whispered by the wind, robed by a halcyon mien 

I see her amble the sandy bank ,

the gambol of a nymph, before a  prank

her Soft wet steps and the sway of the gentle hand

as Stars gild the evening sky, like the beads of a broken band


ne’er was struck before that hour
her face it bloomed like a sweet flower

With love so sudden and so sweet
awake I sleep my heart complete

I pray she hears my silent voice

flowers blooming without choice

for I have never seen so sweet a face

my heart has left its dwelling place

As I stood there before

in a place I can return no more

as my blood burnt my heart

my life is about to start



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