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Odious Warren

August 23, 2008 2 comments

Odious Warren 

Beautiful vista, small though…

Benevolent sky, a falling kite,

Swaying in blue a triangle white

Free as child an insouciant sway

Played the skies, its playful way

Bid the wind on each swing

Now it falls like a king

There is beauty in the fall


Beautiful vista, small though

Spirited garden, a growing tot

Teetering in green a yellow dot

Spirit of eagle the ardous search

First ten steps, the adulation of church

Treads the ground the operose path

Now it falls, aah!!  the mud bath

There is beauty in the fall


Beautiful vista, small though

Oaky door, a budding tear

Budding in the yellow a silver sphere

Love of the lover, the clinging hand

The golden glow of a eternal stand

Heart is full, for it is a wedding ring

Now it falls in one string

There is beauty in the fall


The setting sun,

The autumn setting,

The falling river,

The snow falling….

There is beauty in the fall


So why should I live a life like this

Stringed to machines,  life amiss

With a beautiful vista but a small door

Can not feel the warmth of the wooden floor

I lived like a soaring kite

Twenty years a great sight

When there is beauty in the fall

Why confine me to this wall



*Dedicated to all the brave souls who are terminally ill but cant be free because of legal issues related to euthanasia

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