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The Search

October 11, 2006 12 comments

For long time it seemed to me

That life is yet to be

Life I would Say..

Just ’round the corner, it lay

But for this small, Debt to pay

There is no more traverse en-way.

Blissful Gloss.. amorous way

Bright and Shining, no cold day

Life is like the leafy sway

No more tempests, just the breezy bay

Life would begin I would say,

Just around the corner it lay,

But for this small, errand on way,

It is going to be happy and gay.

Crimson red�butterfly ray

Chaste Trance is there to stay

Life is like an exultant play

Without restraint, like the Chinese clay


Life would bloom I would say

Around the corner it lay

But for this small, job today

It is going to be the just belle(t)

            Sandy beach…Cherry sorbet

            Clement spring, no harsh May

Life is like that Easter day

No more dolor, just a amaranthine holiday


Then it dawned on this day..

MY life started a long time away

In search diamond, Ah! The charcoal grey

what I missed, prismatic display

Real life is a cafe au le..

Bliss and galore in one bouquet

Ambers and cambers are here to stay�

Crusades are going to wanton away

For this is life, and it started when I was born one fine day

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