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60 sec power message

November 3, 2010 Leave a comment

Tv Spot created by McCann Erickson Portugal for Quercus. Produced by Seagulls Fly São Paulo.

The video has been haunting me for the entire day i was just not able to shed it out of my thought. I face-booked it, twittered call everyone i thought who would appreciate it and finally sat down to write about it. I admit i am not someone who can be called environmentally conscious, I live in a place which probably has highest carbon footprint in the world and I might have an above average carbon footprint with my fuel consumption, air travel, addiction to electronics and blatant disregard for everything that adds up to a higher carbon footprint.

But it is not global warming and the imminent destruction of human ecosystem that irks me in the video, (if it did I would not have such a huge footprint), It is the visuals from the video that affect me. The plea to do something that haunts me. The desperation of the animals in the video is so vivid that I cannot think of anything else.

It is the message that has been effectively communicated and to the right target audience…people like me, the ones who walk with a large charcoal blotch behind them. That is the art of delivering message. In less than a 60 sec the message has been embedded into me so strong that after 48 hrs. I am writing this. Great Job.

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