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Two Lone Tykes

February 7, 2009 2 comments

Long vacant corridors, gloomy underworld
Antediluvian bench, serpentine walls,
away from the crowd of the heathen city,
which preys on souls, my sanity,
I search for peace, alone, on the benches of afterworld

Iniquitous banks, bizarre politics
Worthless paper, wretched stocks
Another day in the cellars of glass and steel
I grasp my soul, my slippery eel
Here I crouch in peace, alone, my own narcotic fix

Two lone tykes, shepherd behind,
Saccharine demons, devil incarnates
Cacophony from the entrails of blazing hell
Cracking my soul, my oyster shell
As I watch in horror, alone, with my thoughts entwined

Lone shepherd, dory eyes
Absonant love, wanton pride,
Watching his herd and the execrable menace
The Silent stare, his only penance
There I lie aghast, alone, under the twilight skies
Solitary smile, mistress of pleasure
Bitter happiness, from unruliness
Sheepdog in love with the amuck sheep
Solitary tear, soul deep
I wonder in awe, alone, with my mute zither (musical instrument)

With a long sigh I call my foe,

“Wherefore hast thou serv’d me so? Was I thy foe?
How then have I deserved this of thee? I comprehend it not!
That thine heard shouldst rob me of my solitude
The fault lieth with none but thee
For heard is as good as the shepherd is”

The Shepherd gave a somber smile,

“I am thy slave by the act of guilt,
Thou shouldst punish me as thine wisdom pleads
Pardon the lads, the fault lieth with none but me,
The tyranny of their sorrow ist their life afore
Fate hasth robed their mother,
I just had to have her buried
Three moths is all I have before, I meet her sanguine soul
as thinkest I,  to do whatfore, thou shalt let their spirits live”

Two lone tykes, angel eyes
walking with their Shepard
on these benches of the underworld
As my eyes brim in horror, I am but myself all alone

sunil varma

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