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The Dance

My daughter loves Disney, and she is currently obsessed with two things:  “Pink” and “Princesses”. She is two and half years and she just started to appreciate the magic of  fairy tales. Well my Ipad, which has been hijacked from me and Disney seem to be doing a good job keeping her entertained .I wanted to tell her a story my self just as well as they both do, and this is the first attempt at creating that. After some muddled attempts with hand puppets and pseudo ventriloquism I finally decided to do it with stop motion animation. Since sketching is out of question it was easy to decide that i was going to photograph.

I took her dolls; a makeshift background and shot around 250 shots, making slight adjustments to the each one and compiled a one minute video. While it is a very shoddy job, it is just a POC and my daughter is pretty pleased.

I hope to do a small episode with a little more story, so wish me luck

  1. Pia Meldrum
    February 12, 2013 at 11:31 pm

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