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Slapgate : The new season……. Shah Rukh Khan Slaps Shirish

January 30, 2012 4 comments

A sudden beep on the Phone and a Facebook message from a dear friend “Shirish Kunder pit Gaya” made me ponder now what. Before I could actually realize phone buzzed again. It was twitter going Red hot on Shah Rukh Khan. After the great marking hullabaloo of Ra.One and the disappointment that followed, one did not expect him to trend on twitter for a while. But there he was trending on the top along with Farah Khan. It did not take long for the Byomkesh Bakshi in me to make the connection. Another click on the phone and the story erupted on the screen.

Shah Rukh Khan beats up Farah Khan’s husband Shirish Kunder at Sanjay Dutt’s party.

For those who are still not aware of the story here it is.

After the 2008 Salman-Shahrukh royal rumble at Katrina Kaif’s birthday bash, Shah Rukh finds himself in another rumble, though not as exciting as the last one. The gossip lines are on flames with the news that Khan punched Kunder (He is Farah Khan’s Husband. If there is more to him, I don’t know.) at Sanjay Dutt’s party at a lounge bar in the city. Incidentally they were all celebrating the success of Sanjay Dutt in Agneepath. Then came an inebriated Shirish following Shah Rukh Khan around and even entered the bathroom with Khan. An irritated Khan then allegedly pinned Shirish to a sofa and punched and abused him. (Now don’t get your imagination running, he orally abused him.)

According to sources, (read twitter) Sanjay Dutt, who had to intervene and separate the two, also slapped Kunder, for allegedly sending lewd messages to his wife Manyata and for misbehaving with a girl at the party. Mr Kunder have you seen Sanjay Dutt in Agneepath, I guess you have not. My advice; do see the movie before you send another message to Kanchas wife.

Well that is the story….Not as exciting as the last one. But what made this entire thing exciting is the main perpetrator of brawl is Twitter…

Kunder tweeted on October 26 just after the spectacular bust of Ra.One ;

“I just heard a 150 Cr firework fizzle” and keeping on the topic he tweeted again “Taran Adarsh writes the review of a movie. He trends, the movie doesn’t!”

SRK did not like that one bit and was lurking in corner to take that punch at him when he has a chance and Kunder did give him that chance last evening.

But this has set Twitter on wildfire, suddenly all the trending topics changed. Mahatma Gandhi who was trending on his death anniversary was replaced by Sanjay Dutt, SRK and Farah. Later in the evening even Kunder was trending along with Slapgate.

There were some classic tweets on the issue on twitter handles. I compile some of the nicer ones below.

  • Gauri Khan’s Husband Beat up FARAH Khan’s Wife !
  • This was probably the first ever action scene SRK and Farah Khan did together, without any retakes
  • SRK is the new Harvinder Singh and the old Harbhajan Singh
  • Expecting a tweet from Sreesanth condoling the #slapgate incident .
  • Anna asks innocently, ‘Bus ek hee?’ #SlapGate
  • “Thappad se darr nahi lagtaa saab .. Farah Khan se Lagtaa hai”… ~ Shirish Kunder to SRK after #SlapGate incident
  • SRK has become the new Slap-maar Khan
  • Dear SRK, Why this Kolaveri Kolaveri Kolaveri di? Hahaha!
  • Knowing Srk and Farah Khan, they’re saying “Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost !”
  • Oh My GOD.. Ra.One Game se Bahar Aa gaya.
  • Shanthakumaran Sreesanth. Sharad Pawar. Now, Shirish Kunder. I see a pattern here. In the first name of those who get Shlapped.
  • SRK & Sanjay Dutt? Shirish Kunder must have been seeing stars
  • SRK thrashing Shirish Kunder is outrageous. Hope he’s booked for attempting to outrage the modesty of a woman
  • SRK Slaps Kunder : You can take a guy out of Delhi, but not Delhi out of a guy….
  • My name is Khan and I can give one below your Kaan
  • I have only one question: does Sunny Deol feel left out?
  • When Sanjay Dutt invited Shirish Kunder for his Agneepath ‘success bash’, he probably didn’t do a good job of defining ‘bash’.
  • Dear Shirish Kunder, Kha.One Regards, Shah Rukh Khan
  • Sreesanth, Sharad Pawar and Shirish Kunder should form a political party and call it ‘Tamaacha Dal
  • Its difficult to believe that Shirish Kunder is the product of millions of years of painstaking evolution
  • SRK & Sanjay Dutt? Shirish Kunder must have been seeing stars.
  • How was the slap?? kunder:
  • Shirish-SRK patch up… to make Ra.One sequel: MaRa.One

In Tendulkar country

January 30, 2012 2 comments

In Tendulkar country.

An American writer new to cricket, experiences the first couple of weeks of the World Cup, navigating the madness of a billion fans and chasing the soul of the game.  An exception writer and a great story to see Cricket from the perspective of an outsider. This is a brilliant story……..

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