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Cricket Tradewinds…Vital Changes in ODI Format

………..Cricked has evolved over the years,the Gentleman Game is long gone; it has morphed itself over the years in to its current form. Watch one game of Aussies and any preconceived notions of the gentleman game will slowly liquefy and then vaporize. It is probably the only sport that has so many versions that are played internationally and are considered each one has considerable fan following. The five day format, three day format, one day format, T20 and there are those other variants like the Hon Kong sixes. It just proves we are willing to watch anything as long as there is a pitch and lush green grass.

ICC today announced some significant changes to the ODI format. This is what they are …

1. Can’t have someone else to run for you any longer. Runners have been abolished in international cricket. So you need to work harder on the pitch. If you are tired, spent, not fit or still recovering from last night’s hootch, you can’t call your mate to do the dirty work for you anymore. I guess it was long due for this vestigial rule from the colonial times, (where the master hits the shot and the salve runs for him), to go from international cricket.

2. Captains can’t play ODI as test matches.  Captain o Captain, you will now be suspended for two over-rate breaches in a 12-month period in any one format of the game rather than the current position which is three breaches prior to suspension. I wonder if bowlers running from boundaries will be something of the past now. Fast bowlers will now have to learn from Prabhakar the art of short run bowling; he did it very well in the world cup 1996 group match against Sri Lanka (remember the massacre by Jayasuriya, reminds me of IPL matches)

3. Power Play in middle play.  Elective power plays would be restricted to over between 16 to 40. This will come into effect from 1 October. I guess they want the batsmen to do the job rather than asking the bowlers to lappa in the end. Makes more sense to have a power play in the middle overs when most of the views tend to dose off  than in the end. i guess we will see more of those elusive 400 scores in ODI

4.To be or not to be an umpire? is the question now: Draconian Review System: (Decision Review System) in all Test matches and One-Day Internationals subject to availability and commercial considerations. The agreed standards will include infra-red cameras and audio-tracking devices. Going by what an Iphone and IPAD are currently able to do and what apple wants it to do in the future there will be day when our men in whites will be replaced by an all black iDevice.

……. independent and expert research will be carried out into ball-tracking technology and its accuracy and reliability. The continued use of ball-tracking technology as a decision-making aid will depend on bilateral agreement between the participating Members.

5.We are always right ICC Rankings: CEC gave its unanimous support to the present ICC Rankings system following a presentation by statistician David Kendix, who devised and operates the system for the ICC. I dont know the mumbo jumbo of the statistics. All i can remember about statistics is Mark Twain “Lies, damned lies, and statistics“. But as long as the current system says that India is Numero UNO then i guess the system is right.

6. One for you and One for me: Two new balls per innings – one from each end – would be used in one-day internationals from 1 October. what would  happen to all the reverse swing and ball tampering, we need the old tampered ball for the reverse swing. Ishant sharma and Irfan Pathan will def like this. They can now blame the new ball for his lack of any movement in the air.

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