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The Great Indian Drama

The Great Indian Drama

Even as yoga guru Baba Ramdev vacated the hospital bed on Tuesday and went straight to address media persons, not many realised that another ascetic, who had been admitted to the same hospital, had lost his life after fasting for 114 days. After four months of fasting for saving river Ganga, Swami Nigamananda Saraswati died on Monday at the Jolly Grant Himalayan Institute Hospital, Dehradun.

The seer of Haridwar-based Matri Sadan Ashram, Swami Nigmanand was demanding immediate stopping of quarrying in the Ganga at Haridwar and alleged corruption in the government’s system with active involvement of the mafia. He had begun his fast on February 19 and was in coma since May 2.

With all the drama that is going on with Babas and Annas the core issue has lost its relevance. What are these people fighting for? This is a classic case study for a political party: How to maneuver public opinion from something that is relevant to something which has no meaning. This is what I call the Great Indian Drama

ACT I : Curtains raise with Anna Hazare fasting and millions coming up for support, i thought India has arrived. We the people are committing ourselves to the biggest evil in our society. It took everyone by surprise, both the congress and the oppositions. While congress was basking in glory of their biggest victory in recent decades Anna came down like rain on a Diwali night. With nothing to tackle the mass movement they just gave in and went into their Planning boards. That marked the end of Act I

ACT II: Curtains raise dRAMaDEV and his cronies. Add a little bit of RSS and BJP the entire movement went out of context. It somehow moved from a mass civil movement to a communal movement headed by a Yoga billionaire guru who was great on TV doing Yoga was just a pawn who thought he was the queen on the chess board.  The movement ended before it started and with it ends the mass movement that India could have witnessed after a long long time.

ACT III started with Ramdev calling for arms to fight corruption; this moved the movement from communal movement to a terrorist or a naxal movement. Lokpal was murdered before he was created and that draws the curtains of theater for the last time, and people go back to the RTA with a 5000 Rs note to get a driving license.

Fasting has always been a political trick, Fasting is the most militant of political weapons employed to bring any government to agree to one’s demand. Mahatma Gandhi was acutely aware of this aspect due to which he resorted to it more often than any other weapon. History knows him as the most famous wielder of this weapon. It is used to coerce the government to give in more like blackmail, or negotiate with them for ransom. It works only when there is a mass movement supporting it. The seer of Haridwar died after 114 days of fast because he was not able to market it well, his protest did not have a high flying baba with private islands and aircrafts, nor did it have beautiful movie stars tweeting about him, there were no politicians there to meet him or greet him in five-star hotels and clubs. It also did not have Barkha Dutt and Vir saghvi asking hard questions to the public. It was an honest protest, by an Indian who wanted to save a river from the clutches of query mafia.Environment has never been burning issue with Indian media. But this seers death there would be ACT IV. I guess the evening news will be all about him today because his death raises questions which the media can feed on…..They will link it to corruption by the query mafia, sympathize with him, feed us with irrelevant information about him and family and fuel the story as long as possible, in the end curtains draw again. The drama continues to august when Anna will fast again.

Now some hard questions are….

1. Can corruption be removed by creating a Lokpal and giving him all the powers that the committee is asking for?

2. Are there not sufficient Laws right now to get the corrupt to the court

3. Do we have sufficient judicial infrastructures to prosecute the corrupt in their life time? (Most die of old age before the trial starts)

4. What makes us sure Lokpal will not be Corrupt? Going by the precedent the Police is corrupt, Investigative agencies are corrupt, judiciary is corrupt why would Lokpal be an exception?

5. Why should an Anna or Ramdev decide on the legislation when we have elected representatives to do that job? If u questions their honesty or capability then why did we elect them?

These are never ending questions that keep coming back to me. We do not need a Lokpal bill but we need a mass movement that makes the government accountable for its actions. We need Indian public to commit itself to the movement and ensure it is tackled at all levels from the RTA to Telecom Ministry. Nothing else matters. We are in a democracy and all political parties need to be elected to remain relevant, so we should play them to the same chord. If DMK now is relegated to obscurity then a message is sent to all the parties but we the people will elect DMK to power in the next election because AIDMK has been really corrupt for the next five years so it makes no difference to DMK and in fact it pays to be corrupt.

If a country is to be corruption free and become a nation of beautiful minds, I strongly feel there are three key societal members who can make a difference. They are the father, the mother and the teacher.
Abdul Kalam 

 The cartoons are from www.cartoonistsatish.blogspot.com, an excellent blog highly recomended




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