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2 held for allegedly raping 20-yr-old student

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(The Article)

(The Article)

    The headline blares at me from my monitor and i am in a state of indescribable agony. I am filled with rage of how this keeps happening in our capital and we are so accustomed to the news that it is no longer news. I like everyone else feel uncomfortable to read the headline and even more difficult go through the article.

But what churned my bile and burnt my heart is the viewpoint of the readers of the article. There is one

Ravi Joshi of Mumbai who has the following to say

”Finely she got what she wanted to do by going to night clubs , by wearing short dresses, by speaking lye to her father/mother while going to club , this is all western culture style , socho agar wo club me nahi jati, har agar ke piche ek magar hoya hai….congratulations to her”

Another Mr. Kapil Paniker has this to say

 ”Girl is equally responsible in this case. Going alone to some unknown persons house which she met in a disc, that’s really absurd.”

Mr. Joshi and Mr. Kapil….are you really serious when you write something like that as a response to such a heinous crime….that the victim is responsible for the crime. While i agree she should have shown more restraint and caution before befriending someone, does she deserve what has happened to her? And you in your screwed up mental state congratulate her….

Hidden in the fine print of what these morons have written is the root cause of why these keep happening in India and Delhi in particular. It is the public apathy and belief that the victim was wrong and so she deserves it.

Why did she wear short dress….Well the article never mentioned that she was in a short dress but it was assumed that she would have been in a skimpy dress and enticed the guy so he raped her. She deserved it because she wanted it…..God have mercy!! Where is the logic….?

This is all western culture….i have travelled the world. The beaches of Miami and France are adorned with women in beautiful bikinis…i have not heard of Alfa male going and raping them because they are dressed so…so why blame the western culture. This is inherently Indian culture where the men think it is ok to rape….and the system lets them get away with it. Both the judiciary and the social systems are responsible and share the blame. I have no comment on the political system because I have given up hope on it longtime ago.
I also wonder why can’t a girl go to a pub or a disco dressed in what she believes is appropriate and have a good time just like her male compatriots without being ambushed by sex starved males.

  1. November 21, 2011 at 8:14 pm

    Such people and such mentality is the reason why the crime exists and increases in number.
    I have only one question for these two people, and all others in their league – if it were your daughter, EVEN IF (presuming for the sake of argument) it was her fault, would you still say the same?

    Great article!

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