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Society’s friend or foe: Tolerance

      In the last few decades, there has been a wave of cultural changes that has prompted the existence of divergent value and belief systems. As a result, it is commonplace to hear people lobbying for lofty social ideals such as “tolerance”, “freedom of choice”, “equality” and “diversity”. These concepts would appear to be at the root of familiar statements such as “whatever is true for me may not be true for you” and “that may be your truth, not mine”. As a common denominator to these notions, there seems to be an undercurrent of making morals and truth all a matter of personal preference. On the surface, this ideology appears to be the pragmatic approach in establishing common ground between people of different belief systems. However, this philosophy, known as moral relativism and tolerance, is inherently flawed. When objective truth is suppressed and labeled intolerant, no moral law exists. Since people act and trust their own feelings, it will be followed by chaos and the subsequent destruction of society as we know it.


Proponents of moral relativism and tolerance suggest that a person’s lifestyle is inexorably tied to who they are as a human being. It is mistakenly believed that in order to truly tolerate someone, one must accept them as a person and their lifestyle. Otherwise, the insidious label intolerant bigot is applied. If this could be written as an equation, it would read “Who I am=What I do”. Generally speaking, this ideology is used to justify moral relativism on the grounds of cultural identity and association. However, this is diabolically opposed to the traditional definition of tolerance, which is defined as “to recognize and respect others beliefs, practices etc. without sharing them”. The bottom line is that a person and their beliefs are not inseparable. Implied in this definition is the personal privilege to outright disagreement and disapproval to an extent that a legal line has not been crossed by either party. Unfortunately, the “Who I am=What I do” precept has created a culture in which people can do the most outrageous things due to cultural reasons and then claim some type of discrimination or injury to their freedom of expression if objections are raised.

          This willing ignorance of reality has caused today’s generation, to become unaware of the parameters that define mature, responsible behavior. Whereas in previous generations the limits of decency were known, Today’s young conservatives grew up when sleeping around was no longer a sign of rebellion. It is the accepted norm. Using drugs was no longer a means of expanding consciousness. It is simple recreation. Relativism wasn’t an abstract moral theory; it is the unquestioned assumption in most classroom instruction

The effects of Tolerance on North American society have been staggering. The worst effect is that this ideology is the root cause of the disintegration of the family. Most social commentators regard this recent phenomenon as the ultimate source of all the problems society is currently facing.

As used today, moral relativism and tolerance are very misleading terms that are at the heart of a move to redefine good and bad behavior, a cultural change historically proven to destroy the world’s greatest empires. The Romans are a typical example, as they collapsed from within due to corruption and moral decay which was tolerated by individuals and society at large.





  1. June 19, 2006 at 1:59 pm

    It is true that moral relativism can and does lead to decay of social structures, but it also leads to a lot more. Please ponder that.

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